The Nesting Lotus Bowls are carefully crafted nested bowls, stunning in their beauty and function. I started making these bowls early in my pottery journey, attempting to convey the exquisiteness of a lotus flower, with its many layers of petals, through the medium of clay. The technical difficulty of creating nested bowls precise and exact in their dimension while still evoking an appealingly organic look was a challenge that thrilled me to overcome. I am still completely enchanted by these bowls over a decade later, and I relish stacking each bowl within the other for the first time and sending it to its new home.

Yes , these bowls look delicate and even fragile, but I believe beauty should be functional and a part of our everyday lives. I create my work to last. These bowls are sturdily made with high-fire stoneware clay, and handled with a bit of care and attention will last you for years to come. They are ideal for dining and entertaining: use these bowls for filling with all your favorite dips, condiments, and snacks. When not in use, the Nesting Lotus Bowls are gorgeous as an artful and distinct sculptural display piece.

Size: 5 bowls: 3"H x 6"W;

2.5"H x 5"W;

2"H x 4"W;

1.5"H x 3"W;

1.25"H x 2"W

Nested size: 6"W x 3.75"H

five nesting lotus bowls

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