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My relationship with clay began in 1994 with my first wheel-throwing class at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz.  I had an instant rapport with clay, and I spent my first years as a potter single-mindedly pursuing a mastery and understanding of my new love. Early on, I was lucky enough to work for other professional ceramic artists where I learned not only the basics of running a production ceramic studio, but given a window into a world where people supported themselves making their art.


In 2000, I finally made the leap into full-time ceramic artist, working solely for myself, making the work I love to make. It has been, and continues to be, an incredible journey where I am constantly challenged by my chosen medium to always be better, learn more, and to meet the peculiar demands of being a full-time artist in the world.


My goal as an artist is simple: to make items that are functional, absolutely beautiful, and a part of every day life. I am someone who is at once a dreamer, easily caught up in reverie and imagination, while also deeply practical. I want my work to be transcendent, to take my customers into a moment of experiencing something beautiful. The more we experience beauty, the more we can tune into its frequency and see it all around us, everyday, in places we never thought we could find it. 


Nothing thrills me more than making work for people who love what I do. Connecting with my customers and bringing beautiful things into their lives is the best job I could have.



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