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Every potter has clay projects they want to do​ and have not had the time or space to take on, or have skills they want to improve on. Are you ready to clear some time in your calendar and commit to making those pieces you've been dreaming about? I will be hosting a ceramic retreat every Thursday afternoon during the month of August at my teaching studio in Vallejo, California to help you do just that.


My role is to be a resource for you while giving you self-directed time and space to work through your projects. I can help you problem solve, offer resources, advise on design and construction, or totally leave you alone! It's your retreat.

My teaching studio is small and  enrollment is limited so everyone has the space they need to work. Open to handbuilders and throwers of all skill levels.

Thursdays, 1-4:30 PM,

August 8-August 29

Vallejo Clay Workshop

304 Georgia Street, Vallejo, CA

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